Theo Chocolate Tasting Room in Seattle

Theo Chocolate's Tasting Room in Seattle

If you are a chocolate lover you must, sooner or later, check out Theo Chocolate in Seattle.  If you can’t visit their incredible tasting room in person of course you can do so on the web, and learn about how their chocolates are organic and fair trade.  But if you can manage to visit their storefront on 3400 Phinney Ave North, you will be able to savor the full experience, including unlimited tasting of chocolate bar samples plus a taste of the excellent sipping chocolates, all free.  They’ve managed to do this because the samples are actually very small (just chips, as you can see above), instead of the truffle pieces offered at some chocolatiers.  This tasting strategy is brilliant and on a rainy Sunday afternoon the room was packed.  On this trip we especially liked the Coconut Curry milk chocolate bar (milk chocolate with toasted coconut and curry spices), the Chai Tea milk chocolate bar (milk chocolate with black tea, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom), but we have to say that our favorite was the Coffee dark chocolate bar, which has a much more complex taste than its ingredients would imply (cocoa beans, coffee beans, and ground vanilla).  They also offer many seasonal specials; we picked up an Apple Cider caramel in dark chocolate, which we are saving for a special occasion, such as watching the SAG awards Sunday night. 

In Seattle we were also lucky enough to have dinner at Serafina, 2043 Eastlake Avenue East, which we hear has a greatly improved menu these days.  It’s safe to describe Serafina as gourmet Italian with a traditional orientation but enough creativity to open your eyes.  We had a duck confit to die for, and the celeriac soup with porcini was so compelling that we’re going to try to get the recipe.

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