We are the proverbial “foodies” and love chasing down a good restaurant, winery, bakery, coffee roastery or cheese shop for the sake of living well. Along the way we are known to enjoy the view between stops, visit art galleries and museums, historical places and connect with the people who bring each location alive for us. For all of us, life is sensual…it is to be seen, heard, touched, felt, smelled and tasted. The senses create lasting memories and it is from these that we write.

Photo of Annie Kolatkar Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar – is a stay-at-home mom, writer, oil painter, gourmet cook and predominantly serves Traditional Foods at home. She intuitively knows where all the great bakeries are worldwide. She is a Family Constellation facilitator and Advanced Energy Healer. She can also be found posting useful healing information at Brain Integration Institute, Center for Conscious Kids  and Spirit Free Property.
Photo of Anand Kolatkar, PhD Anand Kolatkar, PhD – is a cancer researcher by day and red wine researcher by night. He’s been known to drive really far out of his way for excellent coffee and apple turnovers.
Photo of Claudia J. Hansen Claudia J. Hansen – and her husband Steve travel the world in search of excellent food and wine experiences that they can share with their family and friends.
Photo of Ian McFall Ian McFall – is a Renaissance man and travels to meet the girl in every port. He is currently working on a novel entitled “A Year on the Olympic Peninsula”.
This is an image of Frances Peterson. Frances Peterson– A classically trained singer, she speaks and sings in multiple languages and has studied music abroad. As an artist, she approaches each unique culture with eye on history, art and religion; her ear attuned to language differences among regions; tasting wines, peasant food to haute cuisine, exploring song and dance, costume and more. Live life through the eyes of a real Diva!
Photo of Pamela Rhodes Pamela Rhodes, JD, CFP – travels so she can see herself from a significant distance and see strangers up close. She can be found at ARTroads.net where she offers a variety of art experiences in San Francisco and Abroad.
Photo of Thomas L. Sheppard Thomas L. Sheppard– has been enjoying wines for over 30 years, since he was mentored on the joys of terroir by a friend and importer of European wines.  Living in Northern California expanded his enjoyment and education.  He is a business consultant whose wine clients in recent years have included California wineries for management, export and sustainability; a CA wine exporter; an importer of Burgundy and Alsatian wines; and retailers and on premise outlets for selection and education.  “I am still passionate to understand the subtleties in the glass and understand the earth and vines behind them.  A wine that has those processed out is a shadow of the magical landscape it could be.”.
Roman Holiday – is a writer and communications consultant based in Southern California.

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