Welcome Dear Reader!

My traveling friends and I hope you enjoy the variety of voices and experiences you will find in this blog. We are the proverbial “foodies” and love chasing down a good restaurant, winery, bakery, coffee roastery or cheese shop for the sake of living well. Along the way we are known to enjoy the view between stops, visit art galleries and museums, historical places and connect with the people who bring each location alive for us. For all of us, life is sensual…it is to be seen, heard, touched, felt, smelled and tasted. The senses create lasting memories and it is from these that we write.

It’s been my dream since childhood to be a travel writer, having sampled national and world travel extensively, always longing for more. Although I am unable to travel at this time in my life, due to raising a special needs daughter with Down syndrome, I can still write about previous experiences and share the gifts of those experiences, such as my oil paintings, photos and short stories.

As a bonus, I have invited my closest friends, who travel extensively and are excellent writers, to write for you!  Their unique restaurant and winery experiences may whet your appetite for travel, or help you plan your trip.

We hope you will live vicariously, enjoy the content with the same pleasure we did when we lived it, make comments and share it with others using our easy social media connectors.

Live well and enjoy life,

Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar
Owner and Editor
San Diego, California USA