Still life photograph of a future painting with a bottle of Root 1: red wine, a pair of wine glasses, a silver bowl of fruit

A photo that inspired a still life painting for author Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar

The elements of friendship, with our good friends Ralph and Marjorie are embodied in this oil painting…a year of exploring Chilean red wines, treasures from trips such as the pottery and the silver bowl from India, foods that nourish and a table that we share meals on regularly all came together neatly to inspire me to paint this image.

Wine bottles have been the subject of many a painting and therefore, one must conclude that wine has been a part of the artist’s life for a multitude of reasons. In Europe, it was a common item at mealtimes and artists often painted their food before they consumed it. Artists, too,  have been stereotyped as being slightly off-kilter, gloomy souls full of pain who turn to alcohol in their misery. However, I believe it is the sensuous soul of the artist that finds beauty in the wine itself. 

Winemaking has been around since the beginning of mankind and along the way, winemakers everywhere have refined their art. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that artist’s secretly paid tribute to their favorite winemaker in their paintings. A little “tip-o-the-hat” to their local eonologist…perhaps the flattery alone would be enough to get a free refill from the vinter.