We are averaging 3 lunches out in restaurants per week, since we like to fix our own breakfast and eat lightly at dinner.  We had never eaten in any of Bordeaux’s best restaurants, which we vowed to correct on this long visit to the area.  (Editor’s Note: Please check before visiting any restaurant to ensure that they are still in business. Restaurants that have closed still have wonderful travel memories, wine information and menu pairings that can stir the soul and whet the appetite.)

La Chamade, 20 Rue des Pilliers de Tutelle, Bordeaux.  Down a curving white stone staircase, a tranquil, modern environment, with palm trees and apricot colored tablecloths.  Great English speaking service by a young chic woman named Sabrina, who had trained in San Francisco .  To awaken the palate, she served us small tureens of gazpacho with chunks of seafood submerged in the velvety liquid.  There were no more whole bottles of the 1998 Graves, Chateau Teigney, so we persuaded her to find 2 half bottles, which like most other 1998 Graves , was like velvet.  One main course was lamb chops carefully removed from the bone, the 7 herb-crusted medallions arranged artistically radially around the plate.  On the 3 course menu were seafood salad, rabbit and prunes and a light and airy apple tart.  No longer in business as of 2003.

Our list of other fine dining possibilities in Bordeaux includes:  Le Chapon Fin, le Vieux Bordeaux, Chez Philippe, Didier Gelineau, A Thibeaud, Les Plaisirs d’Ausone, or La Tupina.  Stay tuned during the next 27 weeks!

Claudia & Steve

***Standard Website Disclaimer for Restaurant Reviews***
 Some restaurants have closed; check before going.

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