Report from gourmet week with friends from Clermont-Ferrand …it’s a hot and sultry week, all of a sudden.  Which made the shady courtyard behind the Vieux Bordeaux all the more inviting.  Pink tablecloths, flowers, bushes, and even a little “stream” with goldfish set the tranquil mood, right in the center of Old Bordeaux.  It’s located at 27 rue Buhan. We reserved in advance and got a choice table out of the direct sun and next to the stream.

The prices were reasonable, especially for lunch.  There was a 17 euro 3-course menu and a 26 euro 4 course menu.  We ordered the 26 euro menus, which began with a “pre” appetizer of smoked duck breast, Bayonne ham and cantaloupe melon.  The main appetizer was eggplant and pepper terrine, copper colored, a bit oily, with mesclun salad.  This menu had a fish course, consisting of St. Pierre fish with star anise, or pike perch with capers and cornichon pickles.  The meat course:  lamb filet with vegetables, a dish called parmentier, of ground meat cooked between 2 layers of mashed potatoes, or duckling sliced thin with honey and spices.  Steve ordered just a main course, the Charolais beef tenderloin, cooked to perfection with girolles mushrooms.

Michel chose a dessert of various chocolate formats ranging from gooey to liquid to melting, and the ladies a cheese course to finish.  But, as at any good restaurant, there were “after” desserts of little cherry clafouti tarts, chocolate truffles (which soon landed on our clothes), and the local molded specialty, canneles.

We were pleased with the purple velvety 2000 Lalande de Pomerol, la Fleur Chaigneau, and the half bottle of white Graves, Chateau de France 1999, dry and nutty.

We would give this restaurant a good to excellent rating, for service, setting, selection of food and wine.

Claudia & Steve

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