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Surfer Dude car in Laguna Beach

Surfer dude car
Note that this surfer has a tail, so maybe the dreadlocks are the mane of a lion?  And the board may have teeth!

Terranea Resort – Things That Catch The Eye

This is a photo of a green Succulent plant.
There is nothing like standing atop Southern California cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean for dolphin and whale watching. That being said, if you are not the outdoorsy type, you can perfect the experience by standing atop the cliffs from inside the beautiful five-star resort and spa of Terranea in Palos Verde, CA.

Port San Pedro – ‘The Thing’ aka ‘The Quarter Million Dollar Mistake’

This is a photo of the bizarre gizmo-gadget near Portside Cleaners in Port San Pedro CA that an architect installed with his building design. It reportedly follows the movements of a person walking by.
At the corner of West 7th Street and South Centre Street, next to Portside Cleaners, in Port San Pedro is a strange sight. "It" doesn't have a name that we could determine but it has a story. According to some locals, this gizmo-gadget senses your every move and it follows your movements when you walk by...when it works. The locals we spoke to about this gizmo-gadget say that it was (or is) some architect's far-out idea of "cool, fun, modern sculpture" but no one there seems to appreciate the suggested $200+k price tag it came with.

Terranea Resort – Birds of Prey

This is the head of an eagle owl.
In one year, one Eurasian eagle owl convinced thousands of seagulls to keep off 100+ acres of land and to forage from the sea or beach --and not for french fries up at Nelson's bistro atop the bluff at Terranea Resort in Palos Verde, CA.

Cool Cars Seen in Port of San Pedro, Los Angeles CA “Pharaoh’s Car Club”

This is a photo of a mint green classic car that has been fully restored.
I just have to share some really cool cars we saw at a young bride's wedding in Port San Pedro. The bride's uncle owns the cars and leases them to Hollywood for period pieces according to one person we spoke with. We smiled broadly as all the groom's men posed next to the cars and had their photos taken. I couldn't help but admire how beautiful these cars are and share them with you. It is moments like these that make travel fun. Enjoy! -Annie

Port of San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA – Restaurants Around the Cruise Ship Terminal

This is a photo of the Port San Pedro shipping channel at sunset from the deck at Port's O'Call restaurant.
The first thing I loved about Ports O' Call restaurant was the wide open deck overlooking the shipping channel with its multiple heaters overhead and brick fireplaces. It faces south somewhat which means the sun isn't in your eyes at sunset and the sun bathes the red cranes and ships in warm light creating a soft and somewhat inviting panorama of what would otherwise be a cold, hard, mechanical, industrial scene. Cargo, fire, tugboats and cruise ships all pass within yards of your front row seat on the channel and I love the atmosphere being a sailor of many, many years.

“The Flower Fields” in Carlsbad, CA – Part III

This is a photo of a sign on the ground in a flower bed announcing that you are in "The Flower Fields" of Carlsbad, CA.
Upon getting closer, the eye slowly adjusts to take in the details of the beds, the dirt paths and drainage rows that separate the flowerbeds for the workers to walk and the tractors to drive on. The rows that have bloomed or peaked and the rows about to bloom. The quantity of each plant by color is the next thing that registers in the brain and believe it or not, it's stunning how quickly your eye can find the rogue plants that don't belong. A yellow Ranunculus growing in among the pink did that get there?

“The Flower Fields” in Carlsbad, CA – Part II

This is a photo of red ranunculus at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA.
Giant Tecolote Ranunculas are in great abundance at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. In my earlier post (Part I), I went over the features and now I just want to post about the other flowers and show how they are arranged since gardening is one of my favorite past times. The oil painter and photographer in me goes wild with excitement at the massive opportunities to be creative with the vibrant images I brought home with me from the fields. I've made plenty of greeting cards from my images and my brain is reeling from the Impressionistic paintings that could be created from the flowers in the landscape.

India – Leaving Behind the Sublime and the Squalid

in Life     
This is a photo of the view across the reflecting pool from the top deck of the Taj Mahal. It is a red sandstone building with typical Moghul architecture featuring domes, arches and minarets. The bas relief is white marble inlaid around the arches to define them.
India’s not an easy place to travel in. That’s why we limited our foray to two weeks, and turned the comfort dial to “luxury” setting. We weren’t disappointed at the private tour by General Tours of New Hampshire, the hotels, the meals, all of which were first rate.

Jade Buddha of Universal Peace in Escondido, CA

Jade Buddha receiving tributes
I haven’t visited many religious shrines in my time, so this wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was still fascinating. The Jade Buddha is making its second visit to Escondido, this time at the California Center for the Arts. As the news reports will tell you, it is 8 ...