This is a photo of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the Port of San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA.

Vincent Thomas Bridge - Port of San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

Our friends Ralph and Marjorie are serious cruisers. They surpassed the 50-cruises mark long ago and are nearing their 75th. The vast majority of their cruises have left from San Pedro. Over the years, they have seen the port develop into an attractive area with a few noteworthy things to see, places to eat and enjoy Happy Hour among other things. This series will cover the highlights of our explorations. A word of warning: The Port of San Pedro is not a place you tell your friends they have to see…in fact, you might tell your friends to avoid it entirely but if you are cruising from that location, they will want some tips on how to make the most of their visit.

Up next…
Crown Plaza Hotel
Mishi’s Strudel Cafe
Port’s O Call – Happy Hour
Off The Vine – Wine and Cheese Shop
Red Trolley Line
Terranea Resort and Spa in Palos Verde
Sacred Grounds Coffee Cafe
Whale and Ale Pub
Catalina Island Ferry Terminal
Terminal “Walkabout” – Bellagio styled fountains and public art
Ante’s Restaurant – Serving Dalmatian food since 1943

Stay tuned for pictures and video!

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