At the corner of West 7th Street and South Centre Street, next to Portside Cleaners, in Port San Pedro is a strange sight.  “It” doesn’t have a name that we could determine but it has a story.  According to some locals, this gizmo-gadget senses your every move and it follows your movements when you walk by…when it works. The locals we spoke to about this gizmo-gadget say that it was (or is) some architect’s far-out idea of “cool, fun, modern sculpture” but no one there seems to appreciate the suggested $200+k price tag it came with. It’s been broken for some time and there is no sign of it getting fixed.

This is a photo of a gizmo-gadget in Port San Pedro that the locals scoff at.

Gizmo Gadget Thang-a-Ma-Bob

This is a close up photo of the gizmo gadget in Port San Pedro, CA.

It looks like the high intensity lamp in the name Pixar Studios.

This is a photo of the red top on the gizmo gadget in Port San Pedro, CA.

Oh, thank God it's not looking right now!

This is a photo of Anand standing in front of the gizmo gadget in Port of San Pedro, CA.

Height reference: Anand is almost 6' tall

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