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Destination Taj Mahal: The Drive to Agra

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This is an image of the Taj Mahal as seen from Agra Fort through the miles of air pollution.

Tomorrow we’ll tour the Taj Mahal at sunrise. That’s the sublime side of India. Today, we had, instead, the harshness of life here. The drive was revealing, as it took us by massive public works such as the outer limits of the new Metro, factories making shoes, textiles, auto parts, sugar and cement, and a multitude of small shops.

India: Camel Fair and Lake Town of Pushkar

It was a bone-crunching 6-hour drive from the tiger reserve to the camel fair and lake town of Pushkar.  New wheat, mustard and castor bean plants stood in inches of water along the way.  India’s monsoon should be over, but there is mud everywhere. Pushkar is a hill town of 20,000 people, 52 bathing ghats […]