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Camping at Butt Lake and Lake Almanor, Plumas County, California

This is a photo of my mom on Butt Lake in a camping lounge chair.

For a good number of years when we were young children, my family enjoyed Hidden Springs State Park in the coastal redwoods near Eureka until my mom got the wild idea to go somewhere else for a change. With a bit of research, my wilderness loving Dad found Lake Almanor and they were off for a new adventure. But, as it would happen, there was one year when the campgrounds at that lake were full up and the overflow was being directed to Cool Springs Campground at Butt Lake Reservoir, about ten miles away.

Yeah, the name Butt Lake still makes us laugh and we did ask ourselves “Just how good can a lake be with a name like Butt Lake?”

Art: Historic Barn in Chester, CA (Lake Almanor)

This is a photo of an oil painting by Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar of the famous wooden barn in the town of Chestor, Lake Almanor CA

This century old barn doesn’t like intimacy. It’s distant and cordoned off with barbed wire. The tall grasses have burrs, snakes and spiders lurking and signs are posted for no trespassing. It’s tempting to cross the line and explore. If I did cross the line, I would be posting my photos here for your viewing pleasure. There is not a single piece of metal holding this old barn together according to some of the locals in Chester, CA. Wooden nails were crafted to “pin” all pieces of this barn together.