This is an image of the new Indian Rupee symbol which resembles the right side of the letter "R" with and equal sign across the top.

Agriculture used to employ most Indians. Over 70% of the nation still lives in the countryside but the land’s fertility has been declining. Around 8 million people left farming 1991-2001, when the last Indian census was conducted (1-29-10 IHT). Agriculture represented 30% of GDP in 1990 (7-2-10 IHT) and now accounts for 17.5% India has more agricultural land than China (182 million hectares – independent estimates place it at only 170 mh. vs China 135 million hectares. China produced 112 million tons of wheat but India managed only 78.6 mt in 2008 (UN Food/Ag Organization – Economic Times 11-27-10).