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Kerala Boats – Travel Through The Intracoastal Waterways By Boat

Oil painting by Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar, Kerala Boats

Kerala boats are unique to the Malabar Coast and dot the intracoastal waterways that lie parallel to the Andaman sea. These boats are a significant part of the local economy as they bring important commercially grown produce such as rice, coconuts, bananas and spices to the coast for distribution. These boats are capable of carrying […]

Traditional Hindu Foods and Our Beloved Kitchen Terrorist

Post Munja (Thread) Ceremony in Pune, India, Anand’s maternal grandmother (aji) was sitting at the table that was laid out with a feast of traditional Hindu foods. She had waited for the ceremonies to be over so she could see us in our fancy dress and watch us eat the classic Brahmin food that had […]

Hindu Fire Ceremony As Still Life Painting

A Hindu Fire Ceremony is something to behold. The natural ingredients are dried cow patties, mango sticks, ghee (clarified butter), dried grasses and string made from coir, marigolds, rice, copper bowls and basic clay bricks present a lovely collection of textures and harmonious colors. This oil painting is on cotton canvas and measures 20″x24″. Personal […]

Fatipur Sikri Architecture – The Fort and Abandoned Moghul Palace

This image is an oil painting by Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar of Moghul palace Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, India.

I was wrong to think that anything after the Taj Mahal would be anti-climatic; I wasn’t expecting anything from the rest of the Agra tour. Something about this magnificent red sandstone palace captured me in a way I wasn’t expecting. The minarets, domes, archways, door details, carvings, filigree and play of light and dark on the rose colored stone left me speechless. It appeared to me as one big, gigantic stone that had been masterfully carved to reveal a palace. Of course, that is not how it was created, but that was the impression left upon me.

Art: Historic Barn in Chester, CA (Lake Almanor)

This is a photo of an oil painting by Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar of the famous wooden barn in the town of Chestor, Lake Almanor CA

This century old barn doesn’t like intimacy. It’s distant and cordoned off with barbed wire. The tall grasses have burrs, snakes and spiders lurking and signs are posted for no trespassing. It’s tempting to cross the line and explore. If I did cross the line, I would be posting my photos here for your viewing pleasure. There is not a single piece of metal holding this old barn together according to some of the locals in Chester, CA. Wooden nails were crafted to “pin” all pieces of this barn together.

Hindu Offering to the Gods – Food for Thought

Oil Painting, Still Life by Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar

Food As A Hindu Offering to the Gods This still life oil painting was inspired by travel to India. My husband, Anand’s Hindu Munja (Thread) Ceremony was in Pune, India in January of 2002. Foods common to the people become Hindu offerings¬†for the Gods. Coconuts atop a disk of jaggery (raw, unprocessed¬†sugar), oranges, apples, nuts,basmati […]

Thoughts on Art – Why I Must Paint and Why I Can’t

Scene of multiple tubes of oil paint on a work surface

  I have plenty of thoughts on art. And I have even more questions about art! Why is it that certain things can trigger within us a reaction that takes our breath away or makes us forget reality? What is at the root of the need inside the artist –the need to communicate the experience […]