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Hindu Fire Ceremony As Still Life Painting

A Hindu Fire Ceremony is something to behold. The natural ingredients are dried cow patties, mango sticks, ghee (clarified butter), dried grasses and string made from coir, marigolds, rice, copper bowls and basic clay bricks present a lovely collection of textures and harmonious colors. This oil painting is on cotton canvas and measures 20″x24″. Personal […]

Hindu Offering to the Gods – Food for Thought

Oil Painting, Still Life by Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar

Food As A Hindu Offering to the Gods This still life oil painting was inspired by travel to India. My husband, Anand’s Hindu Munja (Thread) Ceremony was in Pune, India in January of 2002. Foods common to the people become Hindu offerings¬†for the Gods. Coconuts atop a disk of jaggery (raw, unprocessed¬†sugar), oranges, apples, nuts,basmati […]