Q: How do you keep seagulls where they belong and off the rooftops and chaise lounges at a highend resort along the beach near Los Angeles, CA?

A: An owl. One huge, specially-trained, Eurasian eagle owl that has been raised in captivity so that it keeps normal/daytime working hours AND scares the crap out of any trespassing seagull within a mile of this posh five-star resort.

Paul, a professional bird-of-prey handler from Aerial Solutions, works on site at Terranea Resort with the owl and special guests American Kestrel and Harris Hawk that have been trained specifically for bird abatement. It’s the ole “fighting fire with fire” approach and it works remarkably well.

In one year, one owl convinced thousands of seagulls to keep off 100+ acres of land and to forage from the sea and beach –and not for french fries up at the bistro atop the bluff.

Get a look at this owl! I’d be flying in the opposite direction, too, if I were a seagull! The birds of prey are flown almost everyday to make the seagulls think that the owl (or hawks) own the area.

This is a photo of an Eagle Owl at Terranea Resort Palos Verde, CA.

Eagle Owl at Terranea Resort

This is a photo of the claws of an Eagle Owl.

Yes, your Majesty, I'll forage on the sea and at the foot of your cliffs where I belong.

This is a photo of an Eagle Owl's plumage.

This is a photo of Paul, the Eagle Owl handler at Terranea Resort, Palos Verde, CA.

Paul and the Eagle Owl

This is a photo of the Eagle Owl at Terranea Resort. It is the largest owl in the world.

"I'm number one! I'm number one!"

This is a photo of Paul and the Eagle Owl talking to a group of people.

The American Harris Hark (below) will keep any small rodent population down with ease. These hawks are really cooperative hunters and native to the southwestern United States. These hawks are the easiest to train and often a favorite in falconry. They usually hunt in packs of three to six in the wild which is quite a rare trait.  Some will scout out the food while the others come in for the kill and trap the animal. At Terranea Resort, a favorite food is rabbit which would do major damage to the landscaping if allowed in. Those pesky rabbits!

This is a photo of a bird of prey visiting Terranea Resort, Palos Verde, CA.

Ha, ha! I'll have you for breakfast you pesky little rabbit.

This is a photo of a bird of prey's head.

I'm going to count to three, seagull, and if you aren't gone from here, I'm going to feed you to my children!

Along with his pals the owl and hawk is the American Kestrel Hawk (below). You may know it as a sparrow hawk or ‘the smallest falcon’, but they are serious hunters. They keep the mice, lizard, grasshopper and small birds away from Terranea Resort.

This is a photo of a small bird of prey at Terranea Resort, Palos Verde, CA.

Hey! Don't underestimate me. I may be small, but I will rip your head off and eat you for lunch!

If I were a small lizard, I think I’d find somewhere else to bask in the sun than the lovely stucco walls of Terranea.

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