Chef Raffie

Chef Raffie presenting dessert

Imagine a world with no limits…what would you eat? Where would you go to eat? Who would you share these Divine delights with?

I have a very dear friend, Chef Raffie, who is a world renowned personal chef in the elite circles, and he makes food come to life through all the senses. I believe this is why he is so successful. He makes food a memorable event. He takes something that is essential to our survival and elevates it to unprecedented levels. It nearly borders on the glorification of food.

Life is full of opportunity to explore a spectrum of food experiences…only you can limit yourself. Life as most people know it, is to experience the world in a state of duality, yet that is not the Truth…merely a stage of understanding. In a dualistic mentality, each ingredient will be tasted and judged as good or bad, hot or cold, raw or cooked, unripe or ripe, and on and on. In a dualistic world,  ingredients have an existential shelf life.

Although I am not yet an Enlightened soul, I read from some who are that food, like our bodies, doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion –part of the Dream state that we must eventually wake up from. Since I am curious about this new way of thinking, I wonder about the day when vinegar will not produce a taste or reaction. I am referencing the tale of the three vinegar tasters that is used to compare Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. One found it sour and made a face, another found it bitter and made a face and the third one found it sweet and smiled. I need a name for the fourth vinegar taster who says, “I didn’t taste anything!”

Occasionally, you will hear me singing “Food Glorious Food” from Oliver, sung by the ever wonderful Artful Dodger when the mention of food is brought up. It is glorious! Really good food makes my heart sing! It’s alive with vitality and when that hits my bloodstream, I can’t help but feel wonderful all over. I never call myself a food snob, I just declare that I am very discerning about what I put in my mouth. I want every mouthful to be quality in terms of texture, taste, smell, color, energetically, and so forth. It is truly living by the senses which can, admittedly, get out of hand.

And yes, I preach moderation in the hopes of learning it, but I hardly ever practice it. Would you, if you had the opportunity to eat only the best of the best foods around? I live in California where the organic produce is exceptional –and that includes the wines! (Confession: I have not found a good organic red wine, yet, so that last bit is a reference to wine as a produce item, not an organic produce item!)

I’d love to hear about philosophic thoughts on food…and your confessions! Foodies, in my honest opinion, are not moderate in their appetites. So, how do you create a balanced way of eating and drinking?

Live well and be happy,

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