This is a photo of the springs just north of Chester in Plumas County, CA.

Tranquil Pond of Artesian Spring Water

On a tip from a local, we headed up a side road off Main Street in Chester to taste some Artesian spring water that was reportedly 10,000 years old and unbelievably delicious. It was also rumored that it had curative powers.

When given directions, we were told to drive west and hang a right before the firehouse and just keep going. We would know when we reached the place. Look for this sign (not the guys; they’ll be back at their desks wishing they were in front of the sign):

This is a picture of city folk disguised as Mountain People.

Flatlanders disguised as Mountain People

Up for adventure we all agreed to give it a shot. It was supposed to be less than ten miles and we decided we would drive in no more than ten miles and if nothing appeared, we would turn back. We looked at our odometers and set off.

This is a photo of Anand at the wheel of our F250 taken from the dashboard and my mom sitting in the back seat of the crew cab.

Flatlander Trucking - F250 Crewcab Lariat Package 4x4

The drive is easy for the first few miles and then the last three wind around. Given that we visited in the last days of summer, the scenery along the road was dry and barren. Red pine needles, dried by the sun lay on the ground.

Then a most startling change took place. The entire area turned lush and green. There was no mistaking that we were at our destination and I am sure it was only seven miles north of Chester on the Chester Warner Valley Road.

This is a photo of the spring water run off into a creek that will join the Feather River in Chester, Plumas County, CA.

Verdant Surprise

Verdant green was everywhere you looked and a tribute to the vast amounts of pure, mineral rich artesian waters. No wonder people believe it has curative powers!

The sun was high in the sky when we arrived and we were hot! We drank from the pipe the Boy Scouts had installed years before so people could fill their bottles from a pure source piped from below ground rather than the pond where animals drink and defecate. The water was crisp, cool, delicious and thirst quenching. It was impossible to leave this magical spot in the middle of the forest and we delayed leaving.

This is a photo of a pipe with a 90 degree fitting in it that provides clean artesian well water from deep in the spring near Chester, Plumas County, CA.

Blue Gold From Down Under

By doing so, we were treated to a rare view of a doe that came into our presence and nibbled the leaves on the slope next to us.

This is a photo of a deer listening to sounds before eating some leaves near the spring north of Chester in Plumas County, CA.

Oh! Deer!

Funny man, Paul had to create a visual pun.

This is a picture of a man in dark sunglasses with a bald head holding a stem of a large dandelion weed flower in his mouth as if he was smoking a cigarette.


While my mom made wishes.

This is a photo of a woman making a wish with a dandelion.

Wait! I'm thinkin'...

Ironically for this Flatlander, I bought a two and a half gallon water storage unit on the way back to camp this day and ought to have done things in reverse as I would have loved to have had that spring water for the drive home the following day…something for next time!

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